Against eugenics and anthropocide


A crime against humanity is taking place before our eyes.

This crime, born in the brains of biologists2 and committed through the means of medicine and genetics, presents itself outwardly as a good deed and an emancipation for mankind.
A good deed for victims of sterility (organic or due to the chemical and industrial poisoning of the environment), for single women and couples of the same sex who are naturally infertile.
Emancipation from the living – spontaneous, autonomous and unpredictable – from the constraints of nature from which derives birth with all its uncertainties.

This crime is eugenics (at first called viriculture or aristogenics), the artificial selection of the human species, renamed this way in 1883 by Galton, a cousin of Darwin and also co-inventor of biometrics together with Karl Pearson (1857-1936). Or again race hygiene (Rassenhgyiene) in 1904, by Alfred Ploetz and Ernst Rüdin, two Nazi doctors.
A crime supported and spread by countless scientists, businessmen (Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller), thinkers (Renan, Teilhard de Chardin), political leaders (Trotsky, Churchill, Hitler). It was again renamed transhumanism in 1957 by Julian Huxley – Aldous Huxley’s brother (Brave New World), biologist and director of UNESCO – after the Nazis had revealed the true nature of eugenics. The creation in a laboratory of an Übermensch, a “master race” of “enhanced” supermen.
Machination of the human (artificial production, genetic modifications), this is the means employed by eugenic transhumanism. That is, by this racism coming from laboratories, which its promoters disguise today as pseudo-egalitarianism3.

Eugenics is not something which threatens to contaminate reproductive technologies; on the contrary, it is their very motor and driving force. It is eugenics which has activated research on genetics and “procreation sciences” in order to fulfil its projects of a “pure” and “superior” race.

This “transhumanist” race hygiene is no longer limited to state policies as in the 20th century and still today in China and Singapore; rather, it is now a “reverse” technocratic chain (Galbraith) which has put State and Capital at the service of its will to power, in order to impose its products on the masses of consumers. “Individual” choices are modelled upstream through “creative destruction” (Schumpeter) of the conditions of natural reproduction – free, unpaid for and sexual -, through marketing, advertising, the dominant ideology, ostentatious consumption, imitation and mimetic rivalry.
Watch these crowds of zombies following techno-parades, liberal-libertarian, or libertine, shouting their “desire for a child”, “a child if I want, when I want, the way I want!”. At the same time, a child like I want and conceived the way I want. Mass delusions. The price of emancipation from the living and its natural constraints is submission to the technical constraints of the machine world, and to the power of the machinists. Biocrats, experts and specialists.

This means that no increase in productivity nor in production will ever fulfil the “needs/desires” of a captive practice on which the biocrats will ceaselessly impose new products (new desires, new “needs”, new standards), improved, “enhanced” thanks to advance in knowledge and technological spin.

The “right to desire a child” (alias, “right to a child”) of sterile people – natural or accidental – is the pretext today for expropriating the fertile of their natural right to natural, free and unpaid reproduction.
for appropriation and destruction of these rights by the biocrats (doctors, geneticists, laboratories).
– for generalising artificial reproduction, submitted to the plans and procedures of eugenic and transhumanist scientists and made the new norm. Among couples who today give in to the mode of reproduction in the laboratory, 15% are not affected by any declared pathology.
– for restoring “racial hygiene” with the advent of an “enhanced”, machined superman, and the elimination of the ordinary subhuman, forced to buy or to make GMCs, Genetically Modified Children, to survive the competition of the fittest and of “intelligent machines”.
Social Darwinism”, once denounced by the left in the name of equality, has taken on a modern dress thanks to “technological Darwinism”, which it claims in the name of a false equality.

The production of the first artefact-child, Louise Brown, on July 25, 1978, in the hospital of Oldham in the UK, split our natural and social history in two.
Just as scientific progress opened the road to artificial reproduction of the human since 1990, thanks to genetic triage (alias PGD or pre-implementation genetic diagnostics), it has involved the elimination of a growing number of anomalies and undesirable embryos. For example, albinism, one of the “246 different genetic illnesses” detected before in utero implanting of bearer embryos4. This means the improvement of the product offered to “parental projects” and “intending parents”. An “enhancement” which can only accelerate the speed of innovation and of future “progresses in knowledge”.

The fallacious distinction between “negative” and “positive” eugenics can only deceive those who want to be misled. While amniocentesis (1950) and echography (1958) have permitted the abortion of a great many people affected by Down syndrome in the West and of females in the East, gamete banks already sell to “intending parents” the positive selection of certain features, in order to obtain children who conform to the “parents’ projects”. Sex, colour of eyes, hair, skin, and supposed “genes of intelligence”. Whether through purchase of gametes of Nobel Prize winners or other geniuses, as in the USA; or by incentives to couples having higher educational degrees, as in Singapore; or by genome sequencing of individuals with a higher IQ, as in China, in view of creating a population of Super-Chinese.
Summing up, to quote Dr Laurent Alexandre, a modern fan of racial hygiene: “Brain enhancement can be got by two ways only: genetic selection and manipulation of embryos, or electronic action on our brain5
Crisp-Cas9 “scissors” (2012) have already been used to compose genetically modified children, as in China (2018) and in laboratories all over the world. Meanwhile, we wait for the fabrication of artificial gametes starting from source cells, serial production of embryos and their selection using the algorithms of genetic big data, as well as the development of the artificial uterus to achieve machination of reproduction.

To put it clearly, an anthropocidal movement, issued from the laboratories, which brings together scientists as well as political leaders, as much of the left as of the right, communists as well as fascists; Jews as well as Christians, believers as well as atheists, have undertaken the elimination and replacement of our natural common species by an artificial, superior species.
This movement, in its first wave, took the shape of eugenic laws in countries of Protestant culture, from Indiana (1907) to Canton of Vaud (1985), passing through some thirty states of the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia.
Temporarily beaten in 1945, after the extermination of 250.000 physically or mentally disabled in the Nazi slaughterhouses and the establishment of Lebensborn (fountains of life), SS breeding farms for the “master race”, this movement did not receive at Nuremberg trials the qualification of “genocide” and “crime against humanity”, which at least would have given the facts a name. The victims did not fall within the legal definitions (“persecutions for political, racial or religious reasons…”, “national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such…”). They had no associations of defenders. And then, it would have been necessary to judge far too many respectable politicians and scientists, belonging to the victorious nations, whose example the Nazis had simply followed, applying their lesson with radical and disciplined ingenuity.
It is significant that doctors, educated and progressive university graduates, were the most Nazified corporation, with 50% NSDAP membership, far from the populist cliché of the brute, the unemployed and the deviant scoundrel.

The establishment, in 1978, of artificial reproduction for sterile heterosexual couples, its tacit extension first to fertile couples and then, today in France, with the third edition of the bioethics law, to lesbian couples and single women (as we look forward to seeing male couples and single men), stems from a biological (necrotechnological) aggression against our common humanity.
Behind the good feelings and theatrical indignation, the tearful and syrupy grimaces, the overflowing aggressiveness and the blackmail of the claims to “equality”; behind the tactical manipulation of the “desire for a child” and of the associations of sterile people (natural or accidental) by transhumanists, fellow travellers of the androphobic and neo-sexist movements (queer, LGBT & Co.); it is the same strategic project which has been going on for more than a century. A project where theorists and practitioners openly state their final goal in their writings and demonstrations. Not only to eliminate males from reproduction, but females as well along with all sexual reproduction, replacing them with the superior race of Genetically Modified Inhumans.

Their final goal is the destruction of our reproductive rights, our sterilization, forced or agreed, and our disappearance as ordinary human beings, capable of natural, free and sex-based reproduction. Just as everywhere else in the world, from Germany to China, from Sweden to the USA, from India to Peru, millions of sub-humans, of superfluous and undesirable individuals, physical or mental invalids, poor, alcoholics, deviants and members of “lower” ethnic groups were sterilized. And if we object to sterilization and our own disappearance, the superior Inhumans will know how to implement programmes of compassionate euthanasia, like the Aktion T4 carried out between 1939 and 1941 in Germany. If only to ensure space and vital resources (Lebensraum) on an over-populated earth, ravaged by two centuries of industrial pillage. The advent of a superior race, in itself, implies the disappearance of the inferior race.

We are therefore in a state of legitimate self-defence. Called upon to act or disappear. We, ordinary human beings, political animals and the chimpanzees of the future6.

We know that no promise, no wall of paper, “charter of good conduct”, ethical rule, national or international law, will stop this permanent action of force based on the will to power, transgression, violence of fait accompli and technical-scientific racing. Whatever one scientist, laboratory, business, country, forbids itself, another will do.

We know that transhumanism is the ideology of the ruling technocracy and of “converging technologies” (NBIC, nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science); to remain free and human, it will be necessary to close most of nano-bio-neuro-cyber-technology laboratories in the world.

However, we proclaim that the “right to desire a child” by individuals struck by accidental sterility (heterosexual) or refractory to any sexual relations with members of the other sex, cannot prevail over the right of the immense majority of human beings, or over the right of the species itself, to preserve and perpetuate itself, as it has done over its whole evolution, for millions of years, and as our hominid and mammal ancestors did before us.

In order to fight the threat facing us, we demand – unlike the millions of victims from the 1930s to the present:
– That a name be given to the massive aggression launched against us, ordinary human beings, and against our faculties of natural, free and sex-based reproduction.
– That national and international institutions qualify as “crimes against the species” any form of artificial reproduction of the human being, any genetic selection and modification of the human being.
– We demand the end of payment for child production by the social security and the closure of all gamete banks, public or private. Social security money must help those of the people who are truly ill, and not satisfy the selfish and narcissist desires of the voluntarily or involuntarily sterile.
– We call on all fertile people to reject such massive and revolting propaganda, and to refuse any gift or sale of gametes, ova or spermatozoa to laboratories. And to dissuade their relatives, acquaintances and anyone else, from taking part in such processes.

Alert human beings!
Let us fight anthropocide!
Let us clean the laboratories of the “superior race”!

Les Amis de Bartleby (Bordeaux), les Chimpanzés gascons (Gascogne),
Hors-Sol (Lille), Lieux communs (Paris), Pièces et main d’œuvre (Grenoble),
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October 2019

1 IVF -in vitro fertilization, pre-implantation diagnosis, GPA (surrogacy), genetic modifications, artificial gametes and uterus, cloning, etc.
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3 Cf. André Pichot, La Société pure. De Darwin à Hitler, Ed. Flammarion, 2000.
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6 According to cybernetician Kevin Warwick: “Anyone who decides to remain human and refuses to improve will have a serious handicap. They will form a subspecies and form the chimpanzees of the future” See the Manifesto des Chimpanzés du futur contre le transhumanisme, Pièces et main d’œuvre, (Service compris, 2017).

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We thank Cristiana Pivetti for the drawings